Dear families,

The first time you register for OYC through this system, there is a lot to input. Create your account with the PARENT email and name. Then, when you click register, you will notice YOUR name, not your child's, comes up in the Select student box. Do not worry - here is the solution!

When you go to the registration page, there is a button that says "Add Contact" below the emergency contact information. If you click on that, you can enter your child's name and relationship (child), along with birthday and gender, and save that.

Once that's saved, your child's name should appear as an option under the "select student" category and you can click on it and proceed with your child being on the roster. After you hit "register", you will come to a Questions page.

On this page, if you have multiple people who can pick up, please list names with commas in between them. Also, if your child attends After care, please list it here - I'm noticing the developers missed that on the drop down menu and have contacted them about it.

Please contact our office via if you have questions or would like a PDF copy of your registration form. We will be happy to set this up for you from the information you provide, and in the future you should be able to sign in, click some buttons, and get back to your day!

Thank you for your patience as we navigate our new system - and thank you as well for your questions and concerns!

In harmony,

Keri Butkevich

Executive Director, Oakland Youth Chorus

Hillcrest Miracle Chorus Grades K-5


Ages: 5 - 11

Ability: Beginner

Expertise: Chorus

Hillcrest Miracles' K-5th grade class meets weekly from 1:15 - 2:15 pm on Wednesdays.

Oakland Youth Chorus is a professional, award-winning multicultural music education program connecting singers from over 20 schools and 7 communities each year. Each week in class, OYC singers build musical skills including melody, rhythm, harmony, and music theory with age appropriate activities in a creative and encouraging environment. Through performance opportunities at Hillcrest, OYC concerts, and throughout the East Bay, OYC members make new friends, explore and celebrate different cultures and styles of music, and create harmony in our community. Lift your voice with us this year - register online or contact for more information.

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